Sorry, guys. In all the hubbub over the past several days, a real gem somehow managed to sneak by under our radar.

We’re talking, of course, about Kathy Griffin’s COVID booster tweet. It seems she recently received her fourth COVID shot, which is interesting not only because we had no idea that they were already doing a second booster, but also because her booster came with some sweet SWAG.

Free COVID tests, baby!

Note: We’re just assuming that Kathy meant to say she got her fourth COVID shot and not her fourth COVID booster, because otherwise that would mean that she’s gotten six COVID shots, and that seems … not right.

Wow, Kathy! Um … congratulations, we guess? Congratulations to Moderna, too, we suppose.

It’s true, that’s probably not how we would go about touting the benefits of getting vaccinated and boosted against COVID, but then, we also don’t have any experience as celebrity spokespeople. We defer to your expertise, Kathy! You clearly have a ton of it, and it’s paid off very well for you.

Kathy Griffin is just like us!

We kid, of course. Not only are we not going to CVS in $650 Gucci sneakers, but we’re not getting extra boosters in exchange for free COVID tests. Because that’s weird. It’s a weird thing to do.

We totally get why companies like Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna and Janssen would want to have famous people show themselves getting vaccinated. It might actually help to convince at least some people out there to take the plunge and get the jab. But if we were Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna or Pfizer, we’d probably feel pretty compelled to distance ourselves from Kathy Griffin. Because right now, she’s not doing such a hot job of making our pride and joy look good.

Have fun with Kathy Griffin, Moderna!

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