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Glenn Greenwald calls out 'liberal icon' Rick Wilson for fabricating demented quote to smear him as Putin sycophant and 'traitor'

Rick Wilson isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Resistance goon. He’s the kind of Resistance goon who’s made a whole lotta money by being a Resistance goon. He’s the kind of Resistance goon who’s been a lot more successful as a Resistance goon than he ever was as a GOP campaign strategist.


And he’s the kind of Resistance goon who has absolutely no qualms about defaming anyone who proves to be a thorn in his side and threatens his grift.

That’s why he resorted to faux-quoting journalist — and critic of Resistance goons — Glenn Greenwald yesterday:

Maybe that will change now that Elon Musk is on Twitter’s board of directors. But it was fine with Twitter yesterday, at least.

Quick digression, if we may:

Ew, Rick. What the hell?

No doubt.

Anyway, back to Wilson’s hit job on Glenn Greenwald:

Hey, the Lincoln Project is still raking in money, so Rick Wilson has found a great way to capitalize on people’s gullibility. Honestly, though, anyone still being misled by Rick Wilson at this point kind of deserves it. They’ve been warned plenty of times. They should know better.


Well, Greenwald would’ve had to do grab all those screenshots before Rick Wilson deleted his original tweet. Because Rick Wilson deleted his original tweet.

Not because he’s sorry about it, though. Because he clearly is not:

Man. Rick Wilson really loves to put words into people’s mouths!

We won’t deny that Greenwald hasn’t been the most vocal critic of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but we feel like we would’ve found out if he’d excused Putin’s murderous campaign against Ukraine. Seems like the sort of thing that would’ve stood out.


Interesting idea. Any volunteers?

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