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Blue-checked investigative journo might want to change jobs after reading NYT's Hunter Biden story and confessing that 'he didn't see this coming'

In a shocking turn of events, the New York Post’s previous reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop has been confirmed as accurate. Now that the New York Times has verified the facts, we can talk about it without fear of being suspended or banned by Twitter or shouted down by Brian Stelter or Jen Psaki.


We’re being facetious, of course, when we call this a shocking turn of events. But apparently the shock is genuine for some people, like Yahoo News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff. If he’s being honest here, he didn’t see this coming:

Just the sort of reaction we’ve come to expect from an investigative journalist.

Not that we needed more evidence that Isikoff is in the wrong line of work, of course. For your consideration:

If we didn’t know any better, we might think that Michael’s investigative instincts were only useful in one direction.


Yes, well, to be fair, it’s hard to keep up with current events when you’re wearing blinders and have your head buried in the sand.

It was right there, Michael. Right there if you wanted to look for it. You didn’t even have to look that hard!


The crazy thing is that if something like this were to happen again, either with Hunter Biden or another Democratic politician’s grown-ass son or close associate, Michael Isikoff and many of his fellow liberal investigative correspondents would overlook it and be taken aback all over again.

And then we’d have to do this dance all over again.



Jonah Goldberg’s past take on Hunter Biden’s laptop has just come back to bite him pretty hard

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