By now, you may have heard that the New York Times is out with a bombshell report confirming that the New York Post’s bombshell reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop — the reporting that got the New York Post and anyone who shared the story suspended by Twitter and had the MSM and Dems working overtime to bury the story as “disinformation” — was accurate after all. Whoops!

So, today seems like a good time to take a trip down ol’ Memory Lane and revisit some stuff.

Ah, yes. We’d almost forgotten about this one from Jonah Goldberg:

Screenshotted, just in case:

It was fantastic then, and it’s even more fantastic now. In a cringe-y sort of way, that is.

Sometimes it’s not the best idea to try to dismiss or bury a story that probably has legs. The idea that Hunter Biden was up to some super shady business really wasn’t all that farfetched.

A lot of people are laughing pretty hard right about now. Not Jonah Goldberg, of course.

Life really does come at you fast.

OK, so this isn’t really the best look for Jonah Goldberg. The good thing is that it likely won’t affect him all that much, since he’s already landed on his feet:

Welcome home.



Principles led Jonah Goldberg to leave Fox News and sign on with CNN as a contributor