Last November, Dispatch cofounders Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg announced that they were leaving Fox News.

Theirs was ostensibly a decision motivated by principles, but some people were skeptical. When Stephen Hayes announced that he’d landed at NBC as a contributor, the skeptics felt vindicated.

With today’s news about Jonah Goldberg, the skeptics are probably feeling even more vindicated:

OK then.

Or at least we thought so.

Uh, yeah.

And speaking of awkward, anyone up for an awkward flashback?


Now, to be fair, Mary Katharine Ham is also a CNN contributor, and she most definitely is not a Principled Conservative™ sellout — she regularly calls out media hackery and bias — so perhaps we should be willing to give Goldberg the benefit of the doubt. But given the path of his trajectory lately, you could be forgiven for not being very optimistic.

It’s just not a good look at all.