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Elon Musk officially challenges Vladimir Putin to a fight (winner gets Ukraine)

We have no doubt that Russia President Vladimir Putin just kind of assumed that invading Ukraine and taking control in short order would be easy-peasy. After all, he’s Vladimir Putin! He plays hockey like a champ! He rides horses without wearing a shirt! He could wrestle a herd of bears with one hand tied behind his back if it were socially acceptable! He’s practically a demigod.


The thing is, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine hasn’t gone all that smoothly. It turns out that Ukraine actually isn’t too keen on the idea of just rolling over and letting themselves be annexed by Russia. They’ve been fighting back pretty hard, and they’ve been quite creative and clever about it. President Volodymyr Zelensky hasn’t fled and left his countrymen to the mercy of the Russian army. If Vladimir Putin still has any common sense left in that megalomaniacal head of his, he’ll consider the possibility that he made a huge mistake and decide to leave Ukraine to the Ukrainians.

Or, if he’s really so intent on their being some kind of fight, maybe he can just take Elon Musk up on his offer:

The stakes are the country of Ukraine. Those are some pretty big stakes. But Elon Musk is evidently feeling pretty manly himself today. He’s showing a bit of his own little Putin-esque swagger. And he’s already shown that he’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Putin when it comes to technology. Why not an actual knock-down, drag-out brawl? It’s 2022, after all. And there seems to be an unwritten rule that after 2019, each year has to be more insane than the last one.


OK. Well, in that case, what’s it gonna be, Vlad?



We forgot to mention something … before Musk challenged Putin to single combat, he tweeted this:

So he’s already been kind of all over the map today.

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