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Democrats — who control Congress and the WH — are sick of Republicans 'unanimously opposing Democrats’ efforts to lower your everyday costs'

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And boy oh boy, are Democrats desperate right now.

To be fair, desperation is nothing new for the Democratic Party. But this desperate effort from them today is world-class:


Well, we know what Democrats’ plan is: to pretend that Democratic policies could save Americans if it weren’t for those pesky Republicans standing in the way.

They can’t blame the Senate filibuster for their ineptitude. They just plain suck.


That’s not how this works, Dems. That’s not how any of this works.

The Democrats are sticking to their plan, which requires that they learn nothing from their mistakes.

Ironically, following that plan just makes it easier for the Republicans to follow theirs:



Joe Biden gaslights on gas prices, claims ‘it’s simply not true that’ his admin is stifling US energy production — and promptly heads for the hills [videos]

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