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These Ottawans decided to check out the #FreedomConvoy for themselves and wound up taking a stand against media narratives [video, pic]

A lot has been said about the ongoing protests in Ottawa, particularly by the media. Journalists both here and in Canada have opinions on the subject.

Remember this?


We have to assume that the reporter, Joseph Tunney, shared this footage with the intent of making the protesters look scary and insane. Didn’t quite work out that way, but hey, he tried.

There was also this MSNBC columnist referring to the protest as a “nationwide insurrection.”

CNN just straight-up went nuts.

Long story short, the media have spent a lot of time and energy being scared and outraged over the protests, but they’ve spent very little actually trying to understand how the protesters feel and what they’re trying to accomplish. The protesters aren’t rioting. They aren’t looting. They aren’t setting things on fire. They aren’t beating people in the streets. They just want their lives back.


Journalists could learn a great deal from these Ottawans, who decided to give protesters a chance to explain themselves:

Media are so focused on seeking out bad apples that they completely overlook that there are a lot more good ones.




CTV wants to hear from Canadians who’ve lost friends over the trucker convoy protests

Washington Post working hard to help Justin Trudeau & lefties forward their Freedom Convoy narrative

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