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Bulwark's Will Saletan takes several liberties in order to justify and spin Dems' overnight shift on COVID policy (David French agrees, natch)

Apparently Will Saletan has made the jump from Slate to The Bulwark.

And judging by these tweets, he’ll be right at home chez Bill Kristol:


For what it’s worth, David French agrees completely:

“Exactly.” Exactly what, David?

Cowards of a feather flock together:

Why do Will Saletan and David French need “to weed out the cursers, spewers, haters, dunkers, etc.”? Could it be because the cursers, spewers, haters, dunkers, etc. are right and Will and David don’t want to put themselves in a position where they might have to admit it?


Yeah, let’s go with that.

Are these the kinds of questions that Will and David need to protect themselves from?

A few months ago? How about less than a few weeks ago?

Democrats haven’t started seeing the light gradually or organically. It effectively happened overnight.


That’s all this is about. That’s all this was ever about.



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