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Joe Biden is pleased to inform you that '2021 was the greatest year of job growth in American history'

Earlier this week, Jen Psaki attempted — poorly — to manage our expectations for the upcoming jobs report.

But Joe Biden isn’t bothering with any nuance. He’s just straight up gaslighting us:

Sure, Joe.

The economy’s been doing great this whole time! Believe him! Joe would never lie!

When it comes to Joe Biden, is there any other kind?

There’s certainly a lot of damage to control. A lot of damage that Joe Biden evidently hopes we haven’t noticed because we’ve been too busy thanking God that he, and not Donald Trump, is president.

Joe Biden prefers to live in a vacuum. Easier than dealing with the real-world consequences of his and Democrats’ terrible leadership.

Please. Joe’s far too modest to brag about high inflation and falling real wages. And high gas prices. And empty shelves. And general malaise and despair. He prefers to take credit for the good stuff, even if the good stuff is nothing to get excited about.


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