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Actor Eric Roberts thinks 'caring artists' should've united behind Neil Young to protect those being 'terrorized by dangerous lies' from Joe Rogan

Neil Young is currently enjoying more attention than he’s gotten in years. Too bad it’s for behaving like a child.

And for what? His mission to get Spotify to kick Joe Rogan off their platform wound up backfiring pretty swiftly and spectacularly.


We can only hope that Neil can take at least some comfort in knowing that actor Eric Roberts thinks he did the right thing:

Spotify subscribers are free to ignore Joe Rogan if they don’t like what he says. What Rogan says about COVID is certainly not gospel.

But as long as so many people want to hear from Rogan, Spotify will keep him around. He’s good for business. Much better for business than Neil Young. Spotify’s decision wasn’t a moral one, though we can still appreciate their refusal to cave to Young and the Outrage Mob.

Roberts likening Rogan to a terrorist is pretty disgusting. It’s also what we’d expect from a liberal celebrity who’s woefully out of touch with regular Americans who are just sick and tired of it all.

What’s so courageous about trying to get Joe Rogan deplatformed instead of offering thoughtful rebuttals to his “twisted harmful thinking”? Actually seems like Roberts is for going the cowardly route. Just like Howard Stern.

Really stickin’ it to The Man.


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