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CNN's Jim Acosta declares that Virginia under Glenn Youngkin is 'a Soviet-style police state' [video]

If you’re one of the people who didn’t tune into Jim Acosta’s “Democracy in Peril” special series this week — and chances are that you’re one of those people, because next to nobody is actually watching this thing — you missed a hell of a scorching-hot take from our pal Jimothy during a convo with the illustrious writer Molly Jong-Fast:


He didn’t really say that … did he?

Of course he did:

Sounds just as stupid the second time you hear it.

We don’t even want to know what Molly Jong-Fast had to say, honestly. Jim’s crazy enough on his own. So we’ll just focus on him.


It’s a dangerous time to tell the truth in America … so Jim Acosta’s just going to lie instead.


We’re honestly not sure what Acosta’s so bent out of shape about. If anything, given the amount of propaganda he regularly spews, he should feel right at home in a Soviet-style police state. Propaganda was super-popular there!

No. It’s flexing. The creepy kind, with lots of weird faces and grunts.

Go ahead and file that under “Not-Breaking News.”

Well then apparently he’s not trying hard enough, because he’s neither interesting nor meaningful.

He’s just plain awful.


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