As Twitchy reported, CNN drama queen was given a shot at prime time: He was given the 9 p.m. slot every night for a week for his special, “Democracy in Peril.” But it looks like even the democracy in peril crowd wasn’t interested — viewership dipped as soon as Acosta’s special came on and even went up a bit for Don Lemon.

Acosta’s special drew 511,000 viewers, a drop from lead-in Anderson Cooper’s 712,000 viewers. In the same time slot over on Fox News, Sean Hannity was drawing in nearly 3 million viewers.

Check out Jesse Watters dominating his 7 p.m. timeslot with his new show … 3.8 million viewers.

If you’re still here, you must be interested in ratings, or at least CNN’s humiliation. Fox News dominated the prime time ratings last week as always, and CNN came in 14th, behind TLC, The Food Network, and Lifetime.

CNN really is in trouble … no wonder Stelter sweats so much.


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