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'Why change precedent?' Jen Psaki graciously helps Biden admin lay the groundwork for Afghanistan Evacuation Disaster Part Deux in Ukraine [video]

We’re still talking about Joe Biden’s comments about a potential “minor incursion” of Russia invading Ukraine. Because his comments were just that bad.


Biden’s remarks are giving a lot of people some serious déjà vu.

Comparisons to Afghanistan are actually quite apropos, as it happens:

This is not a drill:


Love her snide comment about not putting chips in Americans to monitor their whereabouts. Glad she can just dismiss concerns people might have about their fellow citizens being left stranded in a foreign country that’s under attack.

Good Lord.

Guess not! Oh well.

The episode sucks this time around, too.


Knowing how the Biden administration operates, that doesn’t make us feel any better.

It shouldn’t make anyone feel better.



‘Now Putin is just mocking us’: Twitchy fixture @MidnightMitch’s recent work of art perfectly encapsulates Joe Biden’s Russia policy [pic]

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