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Nancy Pelosi says slave-owning Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have 'tears in their eyes' over the filibuster [video]

Because it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we can expect to hear even more from Democrats about how Republicans (and Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin) are trying to undo his legacy by stripping Americans of their voting rights.


That’s not true, of course. In fact, such claims are an insult to Dr. King’s memory. But Dems have their narrative, and they’re sticking to it no matter what.

Even if it means making complete asses of themselves. Over to you, Nancy Pelosi:

Lots to talk about here.

First of all:

It’s a study in Nancy Pelosi. Just *chef’s kiss*.

Second of all:

Are George Washington and Thomas Jefferson good again? It’s so hard to keep up, you know.



A hot mess indeed.

And that brings us to the most important takeaway from Nancy’s little performance: she’s just plain awful. Being this far past her congressional expiration date has turned her rancid.

She’s just so damn shameless.


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