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Christina Pushaw notices that The Bulwark's Jim Swift still seems weirdly bothered by Karol Markowicz's decision to move her family to Florida

A little over a month ago, dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker Karol Markowicz announced that her family had made the decision to flee New York City for Florida. Absurd mandates and restrictions, and especially their negative effects on her kids, guided that decision. And according to Markowicz, her family is happier now than they’ve been in a very long time.


And for some reason, The Bulwark’s Jim Swift that incredibly annoying. How dare conservatives get tired of terrible blue state leadership?

Swift writes:

New York Post writer Karol Markowicz left her beloved Brooklyn for Florida and made quite a big deal of it, with multiple columns and TV appearances. Among other reasons given, she seems to have decided on the move because she wants her kids to go to school without wearing masks. Which is fine! Every family has its own priorities.

In Missouri, state representative Justin Hill, a . . . racially conscious anti-vaxer . . . resigned from the Missouri house to move to Florida to become a “consultant.”

Even some Silicon Valley types are moving for Florida, though Eric Newcomer reports, these are typically individuals and not whole companies.

It’s all very exciting!


Your sarcasm is noted, Jim. As is your jackassery.

Being a devoted mother is something to sneer at now? OK, then.

We can’t recall one.

Jim seems to have a problem. Well, a lot of problems.


What’s up with that? It’s almost like that’s their real purpose in life: Conserving Conservatism by Being Creepily Obsessed with Conservative Women.

Keep up the great work, Jim!


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