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He ain't playin': Enes Kanter Freedom plows ahead, more determined than ever to fight for 'all the innocent people out there who don’t have a voice'

In one corner, we’ve got Elon Musk, a multibillionaire who’s going out of his way to please the Chinese government because he’s not brave enough to stand up to them and their money.


And in another corner, the corner we’d prefer to occupy, there’s Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom, who actually legally changed his name in a symbolic middle finger to China and other human rights abuser apologists, including those in the NBA.

Unlike Elon Musk, Enes Kanter Freedom is not one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Unlike Elon Musk, Enes Kanter Freedom has a lot to lose by standing up to the Chinese government.

And unlike Elon Musk, Enes Kanter Freedom is willing to put his money where his mouth is:

That takes balls (pun intended). Big, brass ones. Kanter Freedom is not only the only NBA player to speak openly and vocally — and frequently — against the ChiComs, but he’s doing what he can to make sure his voice is as loud as possible.


The NBA, Elon Musk, and many politicians and media outlets should take a page out of Enes Kanter Freedom’s playbook.

Is that supposed to be a dunk on Kanter Freedom, dude? Because if anything, it only strengthens the case that he actually gives a damn about human rights.

Indeed, if you go to Kanter Freedom’s Freedom for All website, you’ll see that he’s not just putting the ChiComs on blast for the Uighur genocide. He’s also standing up for Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Chinese citizens who yearn for freedom. He’s also looking out for the people of Venezuela.

Honestly, right now, we can’t think of a man more deserving of the last name “Freedom” than Enes Kanter Freedom.

Gladly. People like Enes Kanter Freedom are why the world still has a fighting chance.

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