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'What a bunch of BS': Joe Biden looks the American public in the eye and repeats 'objectively false' COVID info (and ignores questions, natch) [video]

Joe Biden’s in a tough position.

On the one hand, the optics are terrible when he does things like jet off to his Delaware beach house while his policies continue to wreak havoc on the country.


On the other hand, when he decides to do his job and actually talk to the American public, he makes us wish he’d shut up and go someplace else. Case in point, today’s COVID response team briefing:

OK, nothing inherently wrong with that statement. But then he continued:

Come again?

Not only is it objectively, provably untrue, but it’s a pretty chilling statement. Sounds like the precursor to a defense of health care rationing. Pro tip: If Rex Chapman is advocating for it, it’s a bad idea.

More from Biden:

No? You sure about that, Joe?


There’s no nuance with Joe Biden. His only real COVID strategy is shaming people even harder. Because that’s been working out so well.

Now get a load of this:



Guess so!

Either Joe Biden is completely unaware that the vaccinated can still contract and spread COVID, or he’s well aware of it and counting on the American people to just accept him lying to our faces.


If only we could get vaccinated against BS.

Still, though, Biden’s lie-filled briefing did contain one positive moment:

We believe in giving credit where credit is due. We also believe that Joe Biden is a lousy excuse for a POTUS.

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