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'We are allowing this insanity': Liberal Michelle Tandler calls out progressive San Franciscans for enabling the policies destroying their own city

Michelle Tandler is a San Francisco native and self-described “moderate liberal.” Tandler does, in fact, appear to be a moderate liberal.

And as a moderate liberal, Tandler is capable of turning a critical eye to liberalism. That’s not only genuinely refreshing, but it’s also extremely important. Because if cities like San Francisco are ever going to make their way out of the death spiral they’re currently stuck in, they’re going to have to listen to people like Michelle Tandler.


Yesterday, Tandler put together a thread on the progressive paradise, aka hell on earth, that is San Francisco, California.

This seems like the sort of stuff that demands some explanations.

Progressives claim to stand for those things. In theory. But in practice, it’s a very different story.

We can only imagine how rude an awakening this must be for Tandler. All her life, she’s been taught to believe that progressives are the good guys, that progressivism is what will deliver society from evil. And now, having seen with her own eyes the havoc that progressivism as wreaked on San Francisco — a city with the potential to be great and the leadership to prevent it from achieving greatness — she feels deceived. Cheated.

And outraged.


While the images that Tandler posts and the circumstances she describes are indeed difficult to process, they’re nonetheless essential. It’s important that not only San Franciscans acknowledge what’s been done to their city through decades of progressive policies, but that people in progressive-run cities throughout the country realize how destructive progressivism can be.

It’s worth noting that “San Fransicko” was written by Michael Shellenberger, a lifelong liberal who has spent the past several years drifting away from what he sees as toxic modern-day progressivism. How many more Michael Shellenbergers or Michelle Tandlers might be out there, liberals increasingly disgusted by progressivism but not yet confident enough to take steps to reject it?

Or just their victims?

The insanity to which Michelle Tandler is bearing witness is prompting her to ask progressives some very uncomfortable but very important questions.

If progressives are being honest, their list of weaknesses will be far longer than their list of strengths.


Real honest-to-goodness progressives need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves these questions. Because right now it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion that San Francisco is on an increasingly steep downward trajectory and that progressive policies are driving it down the road to ruin.

He sounds like a modern progressive: promising everything and delivering on nothing. But Tandler’s classmates fell for it, just as people are falling for progressivism now.

We have a difficult time believing that San Francisco would look worse. San Francisco needs to undergo some major changes if it’s going to survive, and that starts with changing the city’s politics.

Other San Franciscans need to be as clear-eyed about this as Tandler if they want their city to turn around.

Narrator: It’s about virtue signaling and moral grandstanding. Which is ironic given that San Francisco’s government doesn’t have a moral leg to stand on.


If we didn’t know any better, we’d say that most liberal San Francisco residents are masochists. They keep begging for more of the same, even though it’s killing their city. They are the definition of insanity, personified.


San Francisco can only turn its head so far before its neck breaks and leaves the city paralyzed.

The answer to both of those questions is “no.”


That’s exactly what’s happening.


Help spread Tandler’s thread far and wide. There are far too many people who need to read it.

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