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'Rest in power, white ladies': Gawker troll memorializes late author Joan Didion by mocking white women and boasting about her own ignorance

In case you missed it, celebrated author Joan Didion passed away this week at 87.


There are certainly some valuable retrospectives on and tributes to Didion out there.

There also some that are decidedly less valuable.

One of those “bad essays” — if you can really even call it an essay — is from the fine folks at Gawker:

“Rest in Power, White Ladies.” Sarah Hagi writes:

On the eve of another pandemic Christmas Eve, I am holding space for my white sisters. Eve Babitz and Joan Didion, style icons for a particular sort of woman online, both died this week. I’m sorry, please know that I’m holding you all close as you post a lot of pieces of writing I am embarrassed to say I have never heard of. I understand this is your 9/11. That Babitz and Didion were really important to shaping your personalities, and whether you thought it was better to be hot or cool. I’ll never forget reading passages from their books in your Instagram stories. I wish I could pat you all on the head and say, “That’ll do, pig.”


That’s lovely stuff, isn’t it?

Only the hottest and classiest takes from Gawker.

Gawker and Sarah Hagi are, like, so cool. Because it’s only the coolest people who use someone’s death to take lazy swipes at white women.

And only the coolest people brag about knowing nothing about the subjects they decide to write stupid Gawker pieces about.

Was that Sarah Hagi trying to be funny? Because if so … yikes. Biiiiig yikes.


Point? There is no point. Unless, of course, you call making an ass of yourself in public a point.

Guess that for some people, negative attention is a lot better than no attention at all. So congratulations to Sarah Hagi. Now we’ve got another name to attribute to Gawker’s brand of hot garbage.

No, please don’t try to avoid piling on. A pile-on is definitely warranted here.


What makes this even more depressing is that Sarah Hagi apparently amuses herself by trying to piss people off. Schadenfreude is not without its perks and it can be entertaining, but what Hagi is doing is just plain sad.

And clearly a lot of those miserable people work at Gawker. Gawker’s like a magnet for miserable people.



Gawker’s offering on Joan Didion would definitely fall into the latter category.

Rest in shame, Gawker.



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