Actress Mayim Bialik made sense to a lot of people as “Jeopardy!” host. (Her sharing hosting duties with a troll like Ken Jennings, not so much.)

See, Bialik has the name recognition for her sitcom work, and she’s a neuroscientist. Seems like a pretty decent fit for the venerated quiz show, right?

Not so, according to Gawker:

So, what, exactly, is Gawker’s issue with Bialik? Well, according to staff writer Olivia Craighead, it’s Bialik’s unabashed Zionism:


It is, in fact, an actual quote:

The problem with Bialik and the other people who have been in the running for Jeopardy! host (Ken Jennings and LeVar Burton, most notably) is that they are all people dweebs can get behind. Bialik is mostly known to people for wearing a floppy hat, being a self-described “liberal zionist,” and for being on The Big Bang Theory for a million years. Apparently she’s now on a show starring as a woman who runs a cat café, there’s nothing sexy or charming there. Forgive me for what I’m about to say, but I think what Jeopardy! needs is a a comedian, instead of a pro-Israel wet blanket like Bialik.

Especially the kind of Jews who believe in and support Israel’s right of Israel to exist. They’re the worst.

Craighead definitely showed us who she is, that’s for sure.

They literally cannot.



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