Mike Richards is out as the new host of “Jeopardy” after getting called out for allegedly controversial comments he made on an old podcast:

He was also accused of rigging the hiring process as he was in charge of the hiring process:

He didn’t even last an entire Scarmucci:

And now they start all over again:

So, this means that Mayim Bialik, who was hired to host various specials throughout the season, is not the permanent host:

And that’s A-OK with journalism professor Jeff Jarvis who is right now trying to cancel Bialik for spreading “vaccine doubt” and hawking “brain quakery”:

She’s a snake oil salesman, according to Psychology Today:

Lib Josh Marshall agrees:

Keep in mind, these two white men are going after a real neuroscientist:

A scientist with a PhD, which makes her a “Dr.” — even more so than Dr. Jill Biden:

He’s being “intellectually dishonest,” that’s for sure:

And here she is saying that she’ll get the COVID-19 and flu vaccines while addressing claims that she’s anti-vaxx, which she’s not: