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London council appears to be under the mistaken impression that they've stumbled upon a brilliant COVID booster marketing campaign [pic]

Despite all of the self-righteous preening from our moral betters, people who haven’t yet been vaccinated against COVID are still out there, roaming the streets.

What’s it gonna take to convince them to get the jab? Will it be getting shamed in the name of Jesus by Catholic priests? That’s probably not gonna do the trick.

No, what people need is a really smart public health campaign. Something that’ll really sell them on the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Like maybe what the Hammersmith and Fulham Council is doing in London:

We’re getting some mixed messages here … getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself against a severe case of COVID, but the vaccine is no longer effective after a while?

Do we laugh? Maybe to keep from crying.

Seriously, what is this? Vaccines are amazing and have saved countless lives, but why would telling someone who’s on the fence about getting vaccinated that the vaccine will lose power persuade them to jump on Team Vaccine?

If anything, this sort of marketing campaign will have the opposite of its intended effect. Vaccine skeptics will decide that there’s no point to getting vaccinated. And people who have been vaccinated might just decide that they’re sick of being told that they’ll have to keep getting boosted indefinitely against a virus that’s, like it or not, not going anywhere.

And who says it’ll stop at 5?

It definitely doesn’t seem like things are going in a positive direction. And that’s a shame, because stuff like this undermines vaccine confidence, and that can actually ultimately have far-reaching and dangerous consequences, not just with regard to COVID, but with regard to other viruses and diseases as well. This is just the absolute worst way to go about a vaccination/booster campaign.

Whether or not you’re in favor of the COVID vaccine and subsequent boosters, it’s very difficult to blame people for taking the mobile phone battery analogy to its logical conclusion. At a certain point, your phone just can’t hold a charge anymore.

We can’t decide whether it’s comforting or disturbing to know that other countries’ governments are at least as awful as ours when it comes to messaging surrounding COVID vaccinations.

God forbid the public health “experts” behind these kinds of campaigns ditch the urge to be hip and clever in favor of appeals to logic and reason. It’s actually not that difficult if they really put their minds to it.


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