Despite the multitudes of lectures from Democratic politicians and bureaucrats and media, there are still people out there who, for whatever reason, haven’t yet been vaccinated against COVID. What’s it going to take to make them come around and see the light?

Well, whatever it is, it’s probably not stuff like this from Roman Catholic priest and CNN religion commentator Father Edward Beck:

That’s certainly an interesting take …

“Sanity” isn’t the word we’d pick here. “Heresy” would be more appropriate, maybe?

Like, we won’t presume to speak for Jesus Christ, because as a general rule, that’s not a good idea. But we feel like he might take issue with Father Beck’s remarks.

Wasn’t Jesus sort of famous for not turning away the sick?

Those who have not been vaccinated against COVID have effectively become the modern-day lepers. You’ve got people like David Frum and Rex Chapman out there arguing that the unvaccinated are basically asking to get sick and thus don’t deserve to be treated if they go to a hospital seeking treatment for illness (or, at best, the unvaccinated should automatically be put at the back of the treatment line).

Father Beck’s argument isn’t as cold as that, but if you replace “hospital” with “church,” his argument is essentially the same: the unvaccinated have no dignity.

What sort of Christmas message are you sending when you tell people that they don’t deserve to go to church? What sort of Christmas message are you sending when you shame people who want to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

It really is like Father Beck is using his platform to tear down the faithful and build himself up as some kind of righteous moral authority. It’s actually quite gross to see.

Father Beck’s message should be seen as genuinely offensive, not just by Catholics, but by anyone who understands and recognizes basic human dignity and decency.


We’ll wait.

Father Beck evidently has no shame:


Father Beck is a liar. If you’re looking for Christmas advice, get it from Jesus.



Beck just picked up a dozen more shovels:

Oh please, Father. Give it a rest already.