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Civil Rights crusader Joe Biden tells HBCU grads he used to hang out at a black church after mass, where he honed his desegregation strategy [video]

As we told you earlier, President Joe Biden told graduates at HBCU South Carolina State University that they can be just successful as white people, but they probably won’t have lawyers or accountants. You know, because black people don’t have lawyers or accountants.


Now, you and those graduates may have heard that and thought, “Gee, that sounds pretty racist.” But how could Joe Biden possibly be racist if he was involved in desegregating restaurants and movie theaters during the Civil Rights movement?

Technically he didn’t claim sole responsibility for desegregation, but he did attribute his start in politics to the Civil Rights movement, which seems more than a little dubious. And then Joe Biden told those graduates that after going to mass as a “practicing Catholic,” he teamed up with other Civil Rights activists at a black church on the east side to desegregate restaurants and movie theaters. Like he was some kind of Civil Rights crusader.



It’s a gamble that’s paid off pretty well. Consider PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year, an honor that could’ve gone to any number of false promises and bald-faced lies Joe Biden has bestowed upon us this year. But they went with narratives that minimized the gravity of “the Capitol insurrection.”

Fact checkers don’t want to deal with Joe Biden. Much easier to ignore him and pretend he’s nearly as sterling as Barack Obama.


Or did Brian Williams have Joe Biden Disease?


And he made friends wherever he went!


Well, a lack of oxygen could explain some of this …

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