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'Writers on strike?' Stephen Colbert's joke about Fox News Christmas tree arson should be considered a crime against comedy

Stephen Colbert is trending on Twitter today:

What hilarious thing did he say or do now to make him such a hot topic? Gotta be his quality joke about the Fox News Christmas tree getting set on fire:


Get it? Because … no, you know what? We aren’t even going to try to explain this one. Usually when Colbert makes a stupid joke, we can at least understand what he was going for when he faceplanted. But this time, he just faceplanted.

It’s not just dumb; it’s offensively dumb. It’s offensive to anyone with a functional sense of humor.

Stephen Colbert has committed a crime against comedy.


See? Even that’s a better joke than his Fox News one.

Now that’s funny.

Maybe Stephen Colbert should get some help, too. He could clearly benefit from some.

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