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'He's on borrowed time': @politicalmath forecasts a very rude awakening for the Biden admin and Dems when tax season gets here

It would appear that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party aren’t looking so hot heading into 2022.

Already more than a little underwater with Hispanics, the Biden administration likely hasn’t even had a taste of the wrath that’s still to come their way.


But make no mistake: it’s coming. And it’s going to come from people of all races, particularly people with children.

From NPR:

Democrats say the child tax credit has a particularly large impact on low-income families for whom the additional funds have been crucial. A recent study from Columbia University found that those monthly payments kept 3.6 million children out of poverty in October.

In the NPR/Marist survey, almost 6 in 10 eligible households said they received the child tax credit. But the 59% of eligible respondents is far below the number of families that the government expects should be getting funds. The IRS estimated earlier this year that the families of 88% of children in the U.S. would be eligible for the payments and said in September that 35 million families received them.

The disconnect between the government figures and respondents’ answers is a perception and credit problem for Biden and Democrats.

Even among those who did recall receiving the tax credit, two-thirds said it only helped a little and 1 in 5 said it didn’t help at all.

A sense that the wonderful and amazing child tax credit hasn’t really made families’ lives better will drive plenty of backlash against the Biden administration. But as Twitchy fixture @politicalmath points out, that’s only the half of the headache Biden and the Democrats have created for themselves:


It’s going to be a hot mess.

And that’s still not the only dam that’s set to break:

It’s all but impossible to believe that Americans getting run over by financial freight trains won’t have an impact on the Democrats’ prospects in 2022. It’s not necessarily hard to take a little of people’s money here and there without them really noticing, but we’re not talking about just a little bit of money anymore.

But many other people chose not to listen, because why would Joe Biden or the Democrats ever want to mislead?


They’re gonna learn. And it’s gonna be a very difficult lesson.

Maybe articles about how ackshually it’s good not to get tax refunds now.

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