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'Seems expertise has its limits': Tom Nichols beclowns himself in pathetic attempt to explain why these AP headlines differed for Trump and Biden

Yesterday, MSNBC’s Ari Melber noticed something about AP headlines concerning jobs reports under President Donald Trump and under President Joe Biden:


This calls for an Expert™ analysis. That’s where Tom Nichols comes in:


Obviously that’s the only explanation for this.

The AP (and Dems) may be a lot of things, but worried about what the GOP thinks is not one of them.

Clearly Tom Nichols isn’t worried about what the GOP thinks of him, either, as he continues to make a complete ass of himself on a daily basis.


Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Hey man. Not for us. Ensures that if nothing else, we can always write about Tom Nichols saying something dumb.

As far as stupidity goes, though, the limit does not exist.



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