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View guest Kamala Harris can't quite keep from giggling while explaining that Del Rio border footage reminds her of the American slave era [video]

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin’s positive COVID19 tests briefly threw a wrench in “The View’s” plans to interview Vice President Kamala Harris.


Not to worry, though. While Kamala Harris couldn’t join the ladies at the table, she was still able to say what needed to be said.

She is solving the border crisis, though. By doubling down on Maxine Waters’ insightful and enormously helpful and serious comparison to slavery (and peppering her commentary with a slightly more subdued version of her trademark cackle, of course):



Probably because she’s deranged.

We’re sure China’s laughing, too:

So Kamala’s got that going for her, at least.

Yes she is. And rest assured, she will get to the bottom of this.

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