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Glenn Greenwald calls out Big Tech and media for their 'grave assault' in new thread on validated Hunter Biden laptop story; UPDATE: Greenwald was just getting started

Politico’s Playbook is reporting today that a new book by Ben Schreckinger presents evidence that at least a healthy chunk of the Hunter Biden laptop story is, in fact, true. Who’d’a thunk it?


As many people have pointed out, both the MSM at large and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook acted swiftly to stifle the New York Post’s reporting when it originally came out last fall. They actively suppressed the story.

And when it comes to information suppression, Glenn Greenwald always has something to contribute to the conversation, having some personal experience as a target for suppression. The Hunter Biden affair is no exception:



Go figure.



Greenwald has more to say on the subject:




Stay tuned.

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