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Beaming WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain admits that labor shortages and inflation were all part of 'the Biden-Harris plan'

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain dedicates most of his Twitter feed these days to straight retweets of Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, and other intellectually dishonest Principled Conservative™ hacks. But occasionally he adds a little something of his own to a retweet.


President Barack Obama’s former Auto Task Force head and current “Morning Joe” economic analyst Steven Rattner shared some news today:

Well, Ron was very, very excited about this and wanted to know everyone knew who was responsible:

Well, pop the champagne! Thank you, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

OK, but can we please talk about how awesome the Biden-Harris plan is?


Will wonders never cease?

Hey, the Biden-Harris plan was to Build Back Better, and inflation is back and better than ever, baby!


Oh, don’t worry. That’s still a thing. They’re going to shut down the virus by withholding potentially lifesaving treatment to stick it to red state governors.

The best of the Biden-Harris plan is yet to come, rest assured!

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