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How dare he?! Menstruating person AOC calls out Dem Sen. Joe Manchin for 'this kind of weird, patronizing behavior'

Will AOC’s suffering ever end? The answer, of course, is no. At least as long as AOC has anything to say about it.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin recently referred to AOC as “the young lady” in a response to this tweet from earlier this month:


AOC was decidedly OK with being described in such an offensive manner:

Recall that AOC also found it weird and patronizing when GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy referred to her as AOC. When she and her staff referred to her as AOC.


For someone so stunning and brave, she sure does seem delicate.


If “young lady” is the worst thing people are calling her, AOC’s got it pretty damn good.

“Congressmenstruatingperson” is far more inclusive, no?


“Bleeding Congressperson” could also work.

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