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'You guys should be ashamed'! LA Times is getting rightfully throttled for their 'gloriously racist' coverage of attempted assault on Larry Elder; UPDATED

Man. The L.A. Times really, really doesn’t like Larry Elder, do they?

A recent column called him “the Black face of white supremacy”:


That may or may not have helped to fuel racial animus against Elder that resulted in a white liberal woman in a gorilla mask attempting to hit him with an egg she threw.

Here’s how the L.A. Times framed that incident, by the way:

“Hostile reception.” Please. Could you be any more shameless, L.A. Times?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is a resounding “YES”:

The headline is bad enough for using language intended to suggest that Elder instigated the attempted assault on him.

The photo they initially chose makes it even worse.


The woman in the photo is rightfully pissed off:

And the L.A. Times is apparently cool with racist hate as long as it’s directed at conservatives.




Shameless and racist.


As f*ck.

We’ll put our money on the latter.




OK, guys. You can back off the L.A. Times now. They’ve fixed it:

The headline still sucks, and the L.A. Times is still racist.



Let’s see how the media have covered white, gorilla-mask-wearing heckler’s attempted assault of Larry Elder so far [screenshots]

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