A white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at California Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Larry Elder yesterday, because tolerance.

Perhaps it isn’t a good idea.

The L.A. Times does seem to have egged (no pun intended) this sort of racist antipathy toward Elder on.

And the mainstream media are effectively doing the same thing by largely ignoring the story.

We’re certainly not OK with it. We can’t say the same for many of our media betters, unfortunately, who despite their purported commitment to the news can’t seem to find much room for this particular story.

Here’s the story the New York Times used to bury it:

At least they mentioned it somewhere, right?

And to be fair, CNN hasn’t completely ignored it:

Five whole seconds? Well, that’s five more seconds than what we expected, so kudos, CNN!

Honestly, this is legitimately pathetic. Is there any doubt whatsoever that if Larry Elder were a Democrat, the attempted assault on him by a crazy white person in a gorilla mask would merit wall-to-wall MSM coverage?

Beginning to think you may be onto something, Steeze.