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WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler seeks only the truth about Afghanistan, which is why he's getting his facts from ... the Biden admin

Another day, another top-notch fact-check from Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler.

Here’s what he’s got for us today:


“By the numbers.” By whose numbers, Glenn?

Let’s see:

There have been a lot of numbers used by public officials and the news media in recent days about the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Here they are all in one place — and which numbers are missing. Where possible, the source of the information is included. We will update this as appropriate as more information becomes available, including noting whether numbers previously provided turned out to be false.

Interestingly, many of Glenn Kessler’s information sources just so happen to be members of Joe Biden’s administration. How convenient!

No, he literally did.

Man, anyone can be a fact-checker these days. As long as they’re willing to mindlessly regurgitate rather than actually check any facts.


Well, if the clown shoe fits …

Nailed it.

It’s the least they can do.



WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler wants to make sure you know that the Taliban didn’t ackshually hang a man from a helicopter (like they’d ever do that!)

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