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Jim Geraghty has no patience for CNN trying to defend the Taliban's honor over 'thoroughly debunked' footage

As we told you, Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler is all over the footage of a man hanging from a Taliban helicopter, footage that misrepresented the Taliban, who would never actually even dream of doing such a thing to someone. We mean, as if!


Well, CNN has also been on this terrible misinformation. Here’s star fact checker Daniel Dale:

And still-employed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is waiting for everyone who shared the misrepresented footage to apologize and issue corrections:

Well? Will they?

And we can’t have that.

Anyway, National Review’s Jim Geraghty was among the many people who shared the footage before realizing that it wasn’t depicting an actual hanging.

Geraghty was more than willing to admit his mistake. Not that it matters to CNN.


In today’s edition of the “Morning Jolt,” Geraghty briefly discusses CNN using his earlier tweet as an example of misinformation being spread.

Evidently CNN, like Glenn Kessler, has forgotten what sorts of barbarism and violence the Taliban are capable of. Which means it’s up to people like Jim Geraghty to remind them:

As an honest journalist, Jim Geraghty is capable and willing to admit to making a mistake. If only that were true of CNN.

CNN is making a grave mistake in defending the Taliban’s honor. And they’ll never admit it.

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