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'Glorifying a terrorist': WaPo did a profile of Dana Loesch and libs are pretty pissed about it

The Washington Post has a new profile piece on conservative radio host and gun rights advocate Dana Loesch:


The way some people on the Left are reacting, you’d think the WaPo had profiled an austere religious scholar or something. Except the angry lefties would probably tell you that Dana Loesch is ackshually worse than a radical Islamic terrorist.

Anyway, they’re big mad about this:

Yes, how embarrassing for the Washington Post to cover people whose voices reach a lot of people. When you’re dealing with the wrong kind of people, it’s best to pretend those voices don’t exist.


Stay in your lane, WaPo!

Well, let’s think about that for a second. Dana Loesch believes that every American has the right to self-defense and the right to defend their family. Shannon Watts and Fred Guttenberg believe in taking those rights away, leaving people vulnerable to people who don’t care about gun control laws.

So who’s saving lives, Scott?


We’d certainly be interested in seeing it as well.

In the meantime …

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