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'This aged very, very badly': Joe Biden has thoroughly shattered his 2019 promise about 'what Joe Biden will do as president' when it comes to Afghanistan

The news coming out of Afghanistan today is horrible. Following at least one explosion outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, multiple casualties are being reported, casualties including U.S. Marines and children.


So it’s very comforting right now to know that the Biden administration was prepared for every contingency.

We’d like to know what preparations Joe Biden made for multiple deadly explosions at the airport that was being used to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. Because based on this two-year-old tweet from Biden, we have a really, really difficult time believing he had a plan for what’s happening right now:

Turns out that is not what Joe Biden did as president. As president, Joe Biden mishandled the Afghanistan withdrawal at every turn, resorting to laughing about and blaming Americans and Afghan allies who were stranded as a direct result of his administration’s incompetence. Now people are gravely injured or dead. A re-emerging terrorist threat is not only possible; it’s inevitable. It’s already here.


We don’t know what else we expected from someone who has aged as badly as Joe Biden. But the depths to which this administration has sunk has nonetheless managed to shock us. What an abject disgrace.

“We’ll just knock on wood.”


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