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Joe Biden heralds FDA's full Pfizer vaccine approval by advising parents to 'make sure your child is masked when they leave home' [video]

Now that the FDA has officially approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID19 vaccine, Joe Biden is advising Americans that there’s really nothing stopping them from getting vaccinated:


And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that message. There is, however, something wrong with this one:


It was really nice of Joe Biden to come around on the vaccine after he spent time during his presidential campaign urging vaccine skepticism. So at least he’s made progress on that front. But it’s clear from his recommendation that parents make sure their kids are masked before leaving the house that actual science is still well beyond his grasp.


It should be a no from anyone reasonable.

By all means, parents should be free to expect their kids to wear masks. There’s a case to be made that immunocompromised children could benefit from masking up. But calling upon all parents to mask up their kids before letting them leave the house is ridiculous.

The idea that we should be taking any advice from Joe Biden is ridiculous.

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