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CNN's Brian Stelter is disgusted that Fox News aired Tucker Carlson's NSA spying allegations because 'a well run network' never would have

Last night, Tucker Carlson told his viewers that he was informed that the NSA is spying on his team’s electronic communications:


Let the record show that the illustrious Rick Wilson thinks that Carlson’s just doing this for attention:

We’re not privy to the information that Tucker Carlson claims he has, so we aren’t comfortable saying for sure what’s going on.

We do, however, feel comfortable saying that Brian Stelter should have refrained from weighing in on the situation if this is the sort of thing he was going to contribute:

These questions might carry a bit more weight if they weren’t being asked by, you know, Brian Stelter. Who works for, you know, CNN.

Just a bit.


As a matter of fact, they did not.

It’s almost as if CNN isn’t such a well run network, Brian.

Did we mention he works for CNN?

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, if Brian Stelter had any self-awareness, he wouldn’t want to belong to any network that would have him as a member.


Fact check: true.

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