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Wealthy socialist AOC passionately defends her decision to allow her poor, sick Puerto Rican abuela to live in unacceptable conditions

Earlier today, AOC decided that the best way to shine a light on the plight of poor Puerto Ricans still waiting on Hurricane Maria relief money would be to reveal that her own grandmother is living in pathetic conditions while AOC rakes in $174,000 a year in salary alone.


AOC’s been getting dragged for that, naturally. Which actually affords her a great opportunity to come to grips with her hypocrisy as a wealthy socialist.

So of course she’s completely squandering that opportunity and doubling down instead:

Instead of only caring for her abuela? From the look and sound of things, AOC’s not really caring for Abuela at all. And what’s with this “1st-gen, first-born daughters” thing? Is it a generational, birth-order, gender thing to not financially compensate the relative whose suffering you’re exploiting to score cheap political points and Twitter high-fives?


Imagine seeing those pictures and instead of thinking, “Wow, I’m blessed to be in a fantastic position to help my needy abuela,” your first thought is “how can I weaponize this for internet points?”



Because AOC is embarrassing.

Heh. Guess so!

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