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Totally-not-antisemitic Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar celebrates a 'big win' for opponents of Israel's right to exist

Did y’all hear about GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene comparing mask mandates and proof-of-vaccine paperwork to the Holocaust? Talk about offensive, not to mention antisemitic. Kevin McCarthy issued a statement rebuking her, but really, she should be expelled from Congress. Rank antisemitism and bigotry cannot and should not be tolerated.


On a totally unrelated note, here’s Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar last night:

Big win for the what, now?

Hang on … it’s coming to us …

So do we. It’s antisemitism disguised as anti-Zionism. It’s justification for punishing Israel and Jews for the crime of existing.

If only economic sanctions were the only driving force behind the BDS movement. But that’s never what BDS has been about, and Ilhan Omar knows it.


Where’s the statement from the House Majority Leader condemning Ilhan Omar’s remarks?

Ilhan Omar’s been propping up antisemitic hate movements from the get-go. And the same Democrats who are piling on Marjorie Taylor Greene have refused to do a damn thing about it (unless you count rewarding her with committee assignments as punishment).


Of course.



Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar apparently expects people to believe she actually condemns ‘horrific and unacceptable’ violence against Jews

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