Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem to have paid any attention to the memo that likening modern-day annoyances to the Holocaust is bad.

What Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem to understand is that it’s possible to be concerned about this stuff without invoking the Holocaust. It was gross when AOC invoked the Holocaust to condemn migrant detention facilities and it’s gross when Marjorie Taylor Greene invokes the Holocaust to complain about mask mandates and discrimination against people who haven’t yet gotten their COVID19 vaccinations.

She certainly is. And House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling her out:

Here’s the statement:

Hard to be much clearer than that.

Whether any action will be taken to back up the condemnation is another story, but this statement is significant because it specifically calls out Greene for her outrageous and offensive Holocaust comparisons. Democrats have effectively allowed avowed antisemites like Hank Johnson, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC to spew antisemitic garbage and haven’t mustered the courage (because it takes courage, apparently) to call them out by name. Half-assed resolutions stating “bigotry is bad” are pointless, especially when there are zero consequences for being a Democratic bigot.

The same Democrats and liberals who blindly support and defend Democratic antisemites’ bigotry are calling for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s head on a silver platter. That’s called intellectual dishonesty and intellectual inconsistency. And it’s impossible for us to take their outrage seriously.

Only when they call for and actively perform the excision  of their own moral rot will we cease rolling their eyes at their undeserved self-righteousness.