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MSNBC's Kyle Griffin is happy to help the Lincoln Project try to cash in on their pathological obsession with baiting Donald Trump [video]

Very Important and Consequential Political News today, guys!

At least it’s news according to MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin. Looks like the Lincoln Project has another big hit on their hands:


Mitch McConnell will never be re-elected now!

Forget thirsty; the Lincoln Project is straight-up dehydrated.

Those bills and delinquent taxes aren’t gonna pay themselves, you know.


The Lincoln Project considers this ad an investment. Because it kind of is.

Well, yeah, but you’re not counting all the free promotion they get from firefighters like Kyle Griffin.


But it’s so much fun to promote the Lincoln Project! Plus it’s a huge credibility booster.

Guess it’s worth it to the media, because Orange Man Who’s No Longer in the White House is still bad.



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