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Jake Tapper analyzes Derek Chauvin trial by explaining that 'defense attorneys gaslight, that's what they do, that's their job' [video]

Since George Floyd’s death last year, the media have made no secret of their belief that Derek Chauvin is guilty. And that belief, while not necessarily wrong, should probably not have completely driven their coverage, as a semblance of objectivity is ostensibly their goal.


Well, yesterday, the jury convicted Chauvin on all three counts. Our justice system made that possible.

And Jake Tapper, a journalist who gets paid to report on things like our justice system, is apparently unfamiliar with the way our justice system works:

It’s defense attorneys’ job to gaslight? Because defendants are always guilty?

Does anyone at CNN understand what the defense team actually does?

CNN is Real News, Mr. President.


What Tapper is basically saying is that attorneys aren’t being honest unless what they say supports what Jake Tapper believes and wants to hear.


The media loves a good tired, lazy narrative.

Tapper certainly would.

Jake Tapper gaslights. That’s what he does. That’s his job.

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