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Joe Biden attempts dangerous feat of intellectual acrobatics when asked if Masters Tournament should stay in Georgia, among the 'new Jim Crow laws' [video]

The MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia doesn’t seem to be going over as well with people as they’d hoped. Hell, even Stacey Abrams didn’t want them to do it!


But it’s done now, and according to the MLB, we’ve got Joe Biden to thank for it, at least in part. Jen Psaki denied Biden’s role, of course. But as Katie Pavlich pointed out, the MLB cited Biden specifically in their justification for their decision:


Well anyway, it seems that word may have finally gotten back to Uncle Joe that there hasn’t been much rejoicing over the MLB’s decision, because here’s what he had to say when asked about the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia:

“Jim Crow laws” that aren’t actually Jim Crow laws are bad, but we have to consider the nuances here. And anyway, it’s not like Augusta National is associated with anything racis— oh.


Guess Joe’s not as concerned about pissing off Keith Olbermann.

Quite an about-face, huh?

We’ve got whiplash.

Maybe it’s Joe Biden and the media who need to “smarten up.”

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