By now you know Major League Baseball’s front office announced that the All-Star game this summer would be moved out of Georgia because of the new election law that Democrats and the media hope nobody’s actually read.

Reportedly a new location has been found to host the game:

The mayor of Denver is already excited by the prospect:

If the game does get moved to Colorado, it’ll prove something: MLB didn’t do their homework, or hopes nobody else does:

MLB moved the game out of Georgia because Democrats told them to for political narrative reasons (except for those in the state who later realized the backfire from a financial point of view), but what’ll be the excuse this time?

Are we talking Jim Crow here, or Jim Eagle? Somebody ask the president!

Wow — MLB ticked off a whole lot of fans (some now former fans) for… what exactly?

So very woke!

They’ll have some spin ready to give the media, which will mostly run with it unchallenged.

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