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Watch Jen Psaki squirm as she tries to explain to FNC's Peter Doocy why Biden admin's migrant facility 'is not kids being kept in cages' [video]

Joe Biden’s got some explaining to do after Americans got a peek at his “first migrant facility for children.”


It’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s job to clear this up on her boss’ behalf.

And it sounds like she’s more than up to the task:

Let her be clear with FNC’s Peter Doocy:


Got that?

Not cages!

Boxes are totally different!

Not only is this not kids being kept in cages, but it’s kids being kept in not-cages because of COVID19.

You’d have to be heartless to be against putting kids in storage containers to protect them against COVID19.

Are you heartless? Well, are you???


She really is. But she gets away with it and will continue to get away with it because it’s always (D)ifferent when the Biden administration does it.

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