Joe Biden is president, and the myriad problems stemming from and surrounding illegal immigration still haven’t been solved.

But it looks like we’re getting there, at least.

Fake outrages? No, man. Donald Trump literally took migrant children by the scruffs of their necks and threw them into cages while he laughed maniacally.

Illegal immigration may still be an issue, but at least under President Joe Biden, those migrant children get to have five-star accommodations:

So it’s a “migrant facility” now.

It’s like the Four Seasons!

Or at least, kids in those things will get to experience four seasons. Because they’ll be outside. In a portable “storage solution.”

We told you, these aren’t cages!

Mobile Mini also provides portable offices. So “kids in offices!”

How luxurious.

Should be enough to satisfy AOC.

Call it hope if you like. We prefer to think of it as an expectation that AOC won’t be nearly as outspoken and outraged about this as she was when Donald Trump was in the White House.