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CNN's own 'tabloid-grade Keith Olbermann' Jake Tapper has apparently been reduced to subtweeting Nancy Mace 'like a catty mean girl'

We wanted to believe that Jake Tapper was different. We really and truly did.

But he’s made it abundantly clear that he’s just like every other partisan media hack out there: self-righteous and shameless.


Case in point:

“It’s what they do.”

We’re trying to think of who Jake could be referring to when he says “MAGA-allied officials and media.” Who could he be talking about? He couldn’t possibly mean … no. He’d never stoop that low, would he?

Some people think he would:

Well, Nancy Mace did spend most of yesterday being falsely accused of downplaying the Capitol riots and falsely accused of sliming AOC … so maybe he is talking about Nancy Mace after all.


Of course he went along with it.

Being an objective, professional journalist is very unpopular these days, not to mention thoroughly exhausting.


See, now that journalist is asking a great question. Jake Tapper could learn from him.

Peak Real News, Mr. President.

Because priorities.



CNN’s star fact-checker Daniel Dale’s fact-check of GOP Rep. Nancy Mace’s ‘false ‘FACT CHECK” of AOC turns out to be … false

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